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The Children’s University believes that children can and do learn anywhere, when doing all sorts of activities, and that children learn best when they decide what they want to learn, when and where, and most importantly, have FUN whilst learning.

We are one of a growing number of Children’s Universities around the country, each working to provide children aged 7-14 years (and 5 – 6 year olds with their families) with exciting experiences and innovative learning activities outside of the normal school day.

Exciting learning experiences outside school hours

The whole idea behind the Children’s University is to encourage children to develop new interests and join in new activities, and then celebrate and reward their achievements.

Every activity and venue offered through the Children’s University has been checked and validated to make sure it provides the highest quality learning experience. Activities and venues are called ‘Learning Destinations‘.

Your ‘Passport to Learning’!

Children's University Passport to Learning

The Children’s University ‘Passport to Learning’

Every child taking part in the Children’s University has their own special ‘Passport to Learning’ which they use to collect activity stamps each time an event or venue is attended, or when a learning activity is undertaken.

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom. Children learn new things in all sorts of places: at museums, on nature walks, by playing sports and music, and much more besides.

Issued with a Passport to Learning, children can travel around London and the UK with their Passport to Learning, collecting stamps in recognition of their learning as they go. After all – travel is what a Passport is for!

Our website has been created with everybody in mind. Whether you already have your Passport to Learning and want to plan your travels, or if you are a school that would like to set up Children’s University activities. Or an organisation that provides good quality learning and is interested in joining us as a Learning Destination.

A child can only aspire to what they know exists, which is why the out-of school learning experiences widen their vision. Once they know what is out there, they can choose their own pathway.

Ger Graus, Chief Executive, National Children’s University

Get on board

We want you to join our movement and promote the idea that all children can become life-long learners, increase their knowledge and confidence, and have great fun along the way. And of course, to enjoy all there is on offer from our partners across the country in places like our museums, theatres, libraries and outside venues.

When children accumulate enough hours to achieve an award, they are invited to graduate at an annual ceremony at which their participation and learning is recognised and celebrated. They are presented with award certificates, and have their photograph taken as a record of their achievement.

We celebrate Lambeth Children’s University graduates and their achievements with certificates and special Graduation Days at The London South Bank University.

A few destinations we've been to recently…

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