Frequently asked questions

How do I join?

We are currently in the development phase in Lambeth and are gradually launching Lambeth Children’s University™ on a school-by-school basis, starting with schools in the Streatham and West Norwood areas. At the same time we are engaging learning destinations across Lambeth and London, such as the London Science Museum, Garden Museum (Lambeth) and the Wetlands Centre in Barnes.

The Children’s University will be offered to all schools in Lambeth over the next year or so. Signing up is voluntary and it will be up to each school to decide if they feel it will benefit their pupils. As you can imagine, there are many schools in the area so it is going to be a gradual process. However, we are hoping that as more schools join and see how much children enjoy getting rewarded for taking part in after-school activities, then more schools will be interested.

Membership of Lambeth Children’s University™  costs just £3.00 per pupil per year and for this you receive information about destinations and events, a Passport, and access to an e-passport. Membership forms are available on the website.

How much does it cost to do activities?

The cost of activities depends on the activity itself and the various providers. Lambeth Children’s University validates all the activities, but has no authority regarding pricing. The responsibility for finding out about the costs and booking each activity rests with the parents and carers.

When do I get invited to a Graduation Ceremony?

Every time you hit one of the targets of bronze, silver or gold, you will be invited to a celebration Graduation Ceremony. It may be that you pass your bronze level and reach your silver target before the next Graduation Ceremony is being held. In that case you will be invited once for your joint bronze and silver, and once again (hopefully) for your gold.

What if I am doing an activity that is not validated, how can I get it validated?

You can tell them about Lambeth Children’s University and ask them to contact the CU Manager, or you can send the activity provider’s details to the CU Manager.

What activities can be validated?

All validated activities need to relate in some way to a University Degree. These are all listed on the UCAS website.

Can I get stamps when I go on holiday?

Yes. If you are going on holiday, you can visit the National Children’s University website and find out which public learning destinations you can visit while you are on holiday and get more stamps.

What is the difference between a restricted Learning Destination and a Public Learning Destination?

Public Learning Destinations are places where anyone can visit or book up to do an activity.

Restricted Learning Destinations are places like schools. In many schools, only the pupils of that school are allowed to take part in the after school activities which are provided by the school.

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