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Children's University Passport to Learning

The Children's University 'Passport to Learning'

The Children’s University provides all children aged 7-14 years with the opportunity to take part in exciting learning activities outside of the normal school day.

The activities can be after school, before school, at weekends and during the school holidays. Whilst taking part in these activities you can collect stamps for every hour that you attend; working towards a national certificate presented at a Graduation Ceremony.

Any activity that can be studied at University can be validated to become a learning destination.

If you are a Children’s University member you will have been given your passport in which to collect stamps for your hours of learning at the validated learning destinations; whether at your school, in the holidays and at public venues.


childrens university e-passport

Childrens University e-passport

In addition to your personal physical passport you will have been issued with access to an e-passport. The e-passport is a electronic version of your paper passport, where you can personalise your profile, rate and comment on the learning destinations, and check out how many more hours you have to do until you can be awarded a certificate.


If you know of any other clubs and activities that you attend and which are not CU validated you can provide us with their name, address, telephone number, website (if they have one) and email details of the Club/Activity.

If they meet our standards, you’ll be able to use your Passport to Learning to collect stamps from them to help you work towards achieving more national Children’s University Awards.

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