Get invloved

How to get involved

Each participating school or organisation nominates a member of staff to act as the key point of contact.

This person is responsible for collating information about the activities, events and modules offered and, in the case of schools, sending in children’s participation data each term so that we can track the number of hours the students have accumulated. (Learning Destinations do not need to do this, they just stamp the ‘Passports to Learning’).

We will provide you with all the templates that you need. Learning destinations will be provided with stamps, stickers and publicity posters.

What activities can be included?

Many of the activities already offered out of school hours can be ‘validated’ as Children’s University modules, as long as learning and skill-development is taking place. This can be anything from a two-hour workshop to a twenty hour programme over a number of weeks. As part of the Quality Assessment process, any club or activity to be included as a validated activity needs to be written up as a ’module’ using the simple Children’s University module planning document.

This document includes a brief description of what the activity will offer and also lists what skills the students will develop. We also encourage facilitators and tutors to incorporate opportunities for the students to develop both leadership and personal learning and thinking skills when planning their clubs or workshops.

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