Planning for learning

The Planning for Learning Framework provides guidance on developing learning activities and experiences, which support the ethos of the National Children’s University.

As a rule of thumb, Children’s University learning equals ‘Grown-Ups’ University learning; it is learning which can be ‘connected’ to higher education course provision as exemplified on UCAS Degree Search – in other words: if you can get a degree in it the Children’s University wants to know!

Aspiration and inspiration

Children’s University’s key principles around learning are that is is about aspiration and inspiration, for 7 to 14 year olds, voluntary and out of school hours.

Planning for learning is part of a process that should end with a child’s celebration of achievement and self-worth and begin with the intention to provide learning as a quality experience for children.

The process contains the following five key elements:

  • Children’s University™ certificates or ‘National Awards’
  • The ‘Passport to Learning’
  • Learning Destinations
  • ‘Planning for Learning’
  • In Partnership with Quality in Study Support (QiSS) ‘Planning for Excellence’


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