More fun things to do during the Summer

Some more exciting ideas for children to do with or without their families at home this Summer as we start to come out of lockdown. 

Wiggly worms!

We challenge you to make a Wormery, which is a home earthworm! 

Earthworms are really useful and they are good for the natural ecosystem of our planet, Earth.

Worms help to increase the amount of air and water that gets into the soil. They break down organic matter, like leaves and grass into things that plants can use. When they eat, they leave behind castings that are a very valuable type of fertilizer. Earthworms are like free farm help. They help carry decaying material into the soil where it is broken down into nutrients that are used by plants to help them grow!  

Wormery – A step by step guide?

  1. Collect some worms from the garden. …
  2. Cut the top ¼ off the bottle, to make a lid. …
  3. Fill the bottle with alternating layers of sand, soil, sand, compost, sand etc. …
  4. Add a few worms to the top of the bottle and watch them burrow down. …
  5. Wrap the black cardboard around the bottle to make it dark.

Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are really easy to make and a great way to create characters for a play, a story, or even just for fun.

A Day at the Museum

Virtual London Museum Tours – Tours of a number of London Museums

A Blue Peter Badge

Blue Peter Badges are awarded for sending in interesting letters, stories, pictures, and poems.