Bank of England Museum

Bank of England MuseumThe museum is open  weekdays and also provides free holiday workshops around themes such as ‘designing your own bank note’ published in its Diary of Events.

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The museum also provides resources for schools to use as part of the curriculum or as after school activities through DVD and booklets 9 -11 yrs ‘Pounds and Pence and 14-16yrs ‘Made of money’

Students are given an activity sheet and map to follow a route through the museum and aims to help students to learn about the history of the bank, its early years and the bank today. It has interactive displays to explain the principle of keeping inflation at 2% , code breaking games to open a safe, how to identify counterfeit money and the opportunity to hold a genuine gold bar. With prizes.

The museum also offers pre-booked groups of students the following lectures:

Money Presentation (for 5-7 year olds – Key Stage 1)

Pounds and Pence (for 8-14 year olds – Key Stages 2 and 3)

Made of Money (for 14-16 year olds – Key Stage 4)


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