Our latest Summer Holiday Activity Challenge

Complete your challenge and take the evidence into your school for CU Learning Credits to be awarded. Alternatively email your evidence to nelson.a@dunraven.org.uk

This challenge has been created with ideas shared across the Children’s University Network

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Create a new planet

Science, nature and the environment
Create a new planet. Think about all the things that your new planet will have.  How does it support life? How many days are there in a year? What grows on your planet? Who lives on your planet and how and what do they eat?  Your imagination is endless.
Create a list of facts, pictures and diagrams.
1 hour of CU Learning on submission of your facts, diagrams and pictures.
Environmental Challenge
Design a computer game based on improving the environment of our planet. 
Who are your main characters?
What’s the storyline?
What age group is the game for?
What key messages would you like to be learnt?
Create a storyboard of how your game will be played.
1 hour of CU Learning on submission of your storyboard

Make some flash cards each with the name of a colour written on it but using a different coloured pen for each word. For example, pink written with a blue pen.

Ask someone to tell you the word on each one and then do it again asking them to tell you the colour.

Which one did they find the most difficult?

When our minds play tricks on us like this it’s called the Stroop Effect.

Record your findings and let us have a short report, you could use a table or list your findings

1 hour of CU Learning on submission
What’s special about where you live?
Find out as many facts as you can about the community where you live. 
1. Do you live in a village, a town or a city?
2. How many people live there?
3. What is it well known for?
4. Do any famous people come from your community?
5. What facilities does it have, shops, library, café, museum, anything else?
6. What’s your favourite thing about living there?
7. What’s one thing you would like to change?
8. How would you encourage other people to visit?
Create a promotional video, fact sheet or write an article or blog.
1 hour of CU Learning on submission of your community facts and promotional article.

Research a piece of art that you like and try to draw it. Who is the artist? When was it painted? What type of art is it? Etc.
Read aloud to a family member, trying out as many different voices as you can!
1. How many voices did you use?
2. How many characters were there in your book?
3. Who was your favourite character?
4. Which was your favourite voice?
5. Record your story and make your very own audio book and share it with a friend to enjoy.
1 hour of CU Learning on submission of a reflection sheet
In art it is very important to practice drawing and especially drawing from real life objects.

Collect 5 to 10 objects that mean something to you.

Place them on a table in front of where you are going to draw them.

Think about the arrangement of the objects. Are you happy with the layout?

Using a pencil only, think about how you can use shading to create the light and dark areas on your object.

1 hour of CU Learning on submission

1. Explain the new sport.
2. Write out the rules, think about scoring
3. Draw diagrams of the layout of the new sport.
4. Explain the kit required for the sport.

1 hour of CU Learning on submission
Pick one of your favourite characters from your favourite book.
Imagine, what would their house be like?

Draw some pictures of their house:

What food would they have on their dinner table?
What pictures would be hanging on the wall?

What would their garden be like and
what clothes would they have in their wardrobe?
1 hour of CU Learning on submission of a reflection sheet
With the help of a family member, take a look at what you have in your food cupboard and design a meal based around what ingredients you already have.
What will be your Store Cupboard Surprise?
1 hour of CU Learning on submission of your menu and a picture
Research what a Columbus Cube Tower is.

Here’s how to make the cubes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC7Z_vUCbh4

Take a picture / video of your tallest tower.

1 hour of CU Learning on submission of your research findings and finished Columbus Cube Tower.
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1 hour of learning on submission of photos, your log and a challenge record sheet.
Earthworms are great for the garden.

Make an earthworm hotel by filling a 2-litre plastic bottle with layers of sand, dirt and leaf litter with some water for moisture.

Dig in your garden to find some earthworms to add and see what they do, recording a log of their activities.

1 hour of learning on submission of photos, your log and a challenge record sheet.

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