Sky Skills Studios visit

In July 2013, we took a group of students to Sky Skills Studios from South Lambeth Schools, we felt we knew what to expect, but were very impressed when we walked in the door.

The trip started with a tour of Sky Studios, which is filled with fantastic technology, the students were excited to see such impressive technology in action – they all wanted to have go! After a thirty minute tour, which could have gone on for hours if our group had their way, we were off to Sky Skills Studios.

Learning to develop story lines, communication and technology

sky skills studio learning camera technique

Learning camera techniques

Once in Sky Skills Studios, our pupils quickly settled down into their groups and got to work. We chose the Social Networking topic which covers cyber bullying. This was really relevant to our group as we run an Anti-Bullying Peer Programme. The pupils had a great time and really got under the skin of the topic, using a wide range of statistics and facts from the provided educational materials and backing them up with coherent and well reasoned arguments.

It was particularly interesting seeing how they developed their storyline, the students displayed great communication skills, looking at both sides of the arguments; for example they listed blocking certain sites and removing mobile or internet access from the victims, but were able to highlight that this does nothing to solve the bigger issue.

Sky Skills Studios is a great example of learning outside the classroom.