Summer Holiday Activity Challenge 2018

Welcome to the Children’s University Summer Challenge 2017

We hope you are already enjoying collecting time in your Passport to Learning and that these ideas will inspire you to try even more activities over the summer. If you do not already know about Children’s University, you can find out more here.

Once you have chosen a challenge, discuss your ideas with an adult and agree where you might need any help

How many can you complete?

Always ask permission of an adult before completing the activities – don’t cut up your gloves to make a puppet without checking first!

Create a collage from objects you find at the beach or the woods Build a den either indoors or outside Go bird watching and research the different birds that you see Grow some seeds such as sunflower or cress and keep a diary of their growth What floats? Fill a bowl with water, gather some objects (ask an adult’s permission). Guess which ones will float and see if you are right Hunt for bugs – take a look in places where bugs hide and draw pictures of the bugs you find
Take part in the Summer Reading Challenge at the Library Set up your own restaurant – look in recipe books and design a 3 course meal Create a play or a magic show with friends to perform to your family Create a piece of artwork using dried foodstuff such as lentils and pasta Visit a member of your family and interview them about their life Play a board game with friends or family or design your own game
Research a piece of art that you like and try to draw it. Who is the artist? When was it painted? What type of art is it? etc. Create a music band with homemade musical instruments Fly a kite – you can even make your own out of a black sack or newspaper Make paper aeroplanes and see which design flies the farthest Research a country and make a collage about it. You could go to a travel agent and get a brochure and look at travel books in the library Create a sculpture from reclaimed materials such as boxes, packets and kitchen roll tubes
Set up your own treasure hunt with clues and a map Draw a picture of your day Make a puppet or a mask – use things around the house such as cereal boxes, gloves or socks Put on your favourite music and make up a dance routine Go for a walk and make a page full of rubbings using paper and a crayon or pencil – look for interesting patterns and textures Do something caring and thoughtful for a friend or family member

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So… you have decided to take up the challenge! 

Here are some rules

Have fun!

If you have a Children’s University Passport To Learning you will receive 1 hour for each of the activities you complete.

You must provide some evidence, to your school, that you have taken part in the activity. For example you could take a photograph, write a diary, draw a picture of your day, make a voice/video recording or bring your creations in to school.

You might like to include the following in your evidence:

  • When did you complete the activity?
  • Who were you with?
  • What was the weather like?
  • Did you have fun?
  • What did you learn?

Useful Websites for more Ideas