Winter Activity Challenge 2018

Write a poem about Christmas and read it aloud to your family and friends Find information about the WW1 Christmas Day truce (football game) and write a summary Visit your local library and discover how countries around the world celebrate Christmas and design a poster Make a large map of your local CU and put on all the Learning Destinations you have visited Bake some mince pies and biscuits for Father Christmas
Research a piece of art that you like and try to draw it. Who is the artist, when was it painted, what type of art is it? etc. Explore a new Learning Destination and write a review Research an animal that lives in the Artic or Antarctica and create a fact sheet Design and create a Christmas card and send to a teacher Write your own version of the 12 Days of Christmas
Interview family members and discover your own Christmas traditions Write a winter fairy tale Complete a Nature Detectives winter activity sheet Create a marketing campaign for your local CU including a slogan, song and merchandise designs Learn and sing Christmas carols for your family and school
Research how different cultures celebrate New Year’s Day Visit your local library and find out about Hanukkah Using a variety of resources (visit a library, museum etc.) research a local historical figure and write a face file Display to friends, family and your local CU a new skill you have learnt at a Learning Destination Make a festive decoration using recycled resources

So… You have decided to take up the challenge!

Here are some rules

If you have a Children’s University Passport To Learning, you will receive 1 hour for each of the activities you complete.

You must provide evidence of each activity you complete to your school. There are many different ways to display your work, for example:

  • Photographs
  • Write a diary/newsletter/scrapbook
  • Draw a picture/poster
  • Make a voice/video recording
  • Bring your creations in to school
  • Tell us when you completed it, who with, what steps did you take etc.


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